Final Project Reflection

Describe the design and development process you went through in creating your website - include how you got started, problems or challenges that you encountered along the way, and how this project serves to demonstrate what you have learned. 

*Bold=Honors option lessons incorporated*

The first step to creating my website was to figure out what theme my site would be, and how to implement it without making it too broad. My original idea was a Christmas themed site, which I did follow through with. I chose this because Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I felt as though it would be interesting to make a site on something I enjoy. However, my original plan was much too broad. Seeing as this could have taken me months to finish, I narrowed it down to simply Christmas decorations and lights. The next step I had to take was complete a full overview of my pages and what they would contain. 
I had created an original logo to present at the top of my page, and designed a title for it on Pixlr.…

Biography Project

In conclusion, I believe my biography project turned out to be pretty decent. My first step in the process was obviously choosing someone to research, and I had a pretty good idea of who I wanted to do a project on. Next came putting the pages together and designing an overall layout of the website. The most challenging part was designing the home page and setting a base for the rest of the pages. This took me the most time to complete because I had to add a tile background and choose colors that were appropriate and didn't clash. After figuring out the colors, I added a container that best fit my page and set up a space for the logo. Another difficult task was getting the Google fonts to show up on my page, which took a few tries to get. I think the part of my project that turned out the best would have to be my Career/Accomplishments page, because I got to add multiple photos and an original un-ordered list that included an icon that was specific to my page, rather than a defaul…

Leading Lines

After watching the video, I learned how to position the camera for good leading lines that drew attention to the viewer. I put my camera low to the ground in a wood floor room to make sure I could get the lines in the picture. Personally, I think the basketball picture came out the best, but I also like the one of my cat on the floor. I think the reason it worked best is because I made sure my camera lined up with the hardwood lines. After taking these pictures, I edited them by drawing in the leading lines that I thought drew attention to the item.

Rule of Thirds

After reading the article on the Rule of Thirds, I used the technique to take these pictures. The first picture is my grandma's dog, Phoebe, and the second is my cat, Mickey. In the first image, I put my phone in landscape position and pictured a grid on the screen so I could align her on a point on the grid toward the left, while still getting her favorite toys in the picture. In the second, my phone was in portrait position, but I pictured the grid still, and tried to position him toward the left side of the "grid" on a point. I thought the first picture came out better, though the lighting is a bit dark, but the second picture has good light. I preferred the landscape picture because I can picture the grid better and position the subject of the photo better on it.


I thought these angles came out the best. The first one is from waist level, the second is from inside the vase, and the third is from eye level. I took multiple pictures of different objects, such as a basketball and of my cat. I chose these pictures because I thought they turned out the best, in contrast/color and from POV (Plus my cat kept moving). I really liked the picture from inside the vase because it is a perspective that you don't see often. The flowers were very colorful and would draw attention more than a simple basketball or a cat, another reason why I chose these to photograph.

Pixlr: Lesson 6


Pixlr: Lesson 5